How important is the sun?

Even though it’s been a mild winter we haven’t seen the sun that much. This leads to most of having higher possibility of running into problems with a vitamin D deficiency. The optimal way to absorb Vitamin D is through the skin from the sun. Most of the time this is very difficult during the winter months in the northeast. This leads to the potential of getting sick more easily, potential difficulties with sleep, fatigue and many other symptoms. I know what you’re thinking, I can just take a supplement and I’ll be fine and yes this may help fighting some of these issues but your body won’t absorb the supplement as much as the sun nor will it be as effective. So what should you do? 

On days that are sunny make sure you go outside and get some sun on your skin without sunscreen for anywhere from 10-30 minutes ideally in the morning. You can also get away to a warmer climate for a while to recharge your vitamin D levels. Hopefully this sheds more light on how important it is to get outside and get some sun exposure whenever you can during these months. You will feel the benefits! Optimal Vitamin D levels means less time being sick and more time in the gym and practicing for the upcoming season!

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