Hard Work! 

“Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No Excuses”- Kobe Bryant. 

Everyone has really big goals in life until they see what it takes to reach those goals and either run from them or battle through, put their head down and get the hard work done! 

I see it all the time in the gym, willingness to push oneself to the next level to achieve a greater goal. Even though there’s no promise that you’ll make it to the professional level in golf if you do 1 more rep on the deadlift, would you still do it if that could get you one step closer to your ultimate dream? As much as pushing yourself sucks sometimes it is necessary in order to make it to the next level in anything in life. It doesn’t have to just be that one more rep, it could be 5 more minutes of studying for your test, eating the steak and banana instead of going to mcdonalds, having one more glass of water, going to bed an hour early to gain one more hour of practice time the following day, staying late at work to get ahead and be prepared for the next day. These are all things that your body will tell you no, we’re good, let’s go home and chill. Sometimes you need to tell that voice in there to be quiet, put your head down and get the work done! Because remember it will get you one step closer to what you set out to do in the first place! 

Now what if this is very difficult for you and you tend to always listen to that inner voice saying “that’s enough, we did the best we could we don’t need to do that extra rep”? I have some solutions for you to think about next time you’re in a difficult situation that you can either stay and grind through it or run from it. 

A good solution I’d like to offer you is to become one with your goals. If you see yourself making it to the PGA or LPGA Tour, or you see yourself gaining strength and muscle to hit the ball further, really envision it. Ask yourself next time the workout or practice is hard, what would the best in the world do right now? Most likely that will get you to your answer of what you need to do. 

And if for some reason you find yourself still fighting it, just try and stick around and put in the reps or practice time. Hard work is more of a learned skill than anything else. For example I’d say more times than not as I was growing up it was a struggle for me to say yes to hard work. But one day I did, attached it to a goal and can proudly say that I reached that goal. It was because I wanted it so bad that I would do anything to get there. I connected with my goal so much that I actually loved the process of getting to it! That’s what I want everyone to experience one day! 

Now of course failure is a part of life and it is OK to fail, yes I said it is ok to fail. It is almost a good thing as it might send you on another path to what you were meant to do in life! So if you do find yourself resisting hard work towards your current goal step away and ask yourself do you want this? If yes go all in, if not find another goal that drives you to do HARD WORK!

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