Happy Earth Day!

The goal of Earth day is to generate support for environmental protection and to celebrate, I thought I would share my 3 tips on making this planet better! 
My first tip is to always buy local and organic foods. The meats, fruits and vegetables you get from purchasing locally are usually grown with care. Foods that are national are meant to be produced as fast as possible by whatever means necessary. This usually means that the food is  being genetically modified, sprayed with lots of harmful chemicals or improperly raised to be mass produced. If you cannot buy locally, make sure you buy foods from regenerative agriculture farms around the country. Another way you can help on Earth Day is to go to a restaurant that is farm to table and uses  local ingredients in their foods! 
My second tip is to avoid plastics at all costs. This should be a habit for you to implement in your everyday life, not just on Earth Day! By drinking from a plastic water bottle, you are ingesting all of the chemicals that they made the plastic with. This makes the water almost toxic for you. The solution is to get a steel reusable water bottle that you can fill up throughout your day. This will benefit your health and the earth. 
My third and final tip is to plant something new at your house each year! In this modern world, it feels like everywhere you look, nature is being taken down, so each year be sure to give back to the Earth and plant something new at your house. Something that I like to do is plant a garden. Not only am I giving back to the Earth, but I am creating my own local vegetables and fruits. 
I hope you take these tips and add them into your daily lifestyle; not only for you to become healthier, but to help the planet! Next time you are out on the golf course or on a hike make sure you take a few moments to look around and soak up all of nature’s glory. It is a true spectacle when you step back and look at it. Happy Earth Day!

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