First Things First

First Things First

Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Pinehurst, North Carolina can relate to the feeling you get when you arrive on property at the world famous, No. 2. First setting eyes on the challenging par 3 course, The Cradle; only to walk around the corner of the golf shop to the historic 18th green, where tournaments of all levels, but particularly the United States Open, have been won by some of the best men and women in the game. The boys and girls who earned their way into the National High School Golf Association Invitational are feeling that same excitement over the next few weeks as they compete against fellow competitors from all over the country at various courses around Pinehurst Resort.

The GPC and JGH crew are on site to perform PDI Coach Guided Assessments for the boys and girls participating in the event! It has been great to hear the stories of so many developing junior golf athletes, and hopefully provide some insight into how they can more efficiently improve their golf and physical skill sets.

In talking with the kids over the past few days, the one area that seemed to be consistently given less attention is the focus on their physical function, strength, and power! I cannot stress enough how incorporating a balance of these areas into a consistent routine (as you would your golf practice) would help you stay healthy and able to practice as much as is necessary to reach your goals. Improving your quality of movement will also support you in your efforts to improve your swing mechanics and technique! What is more frustrating than being asked to move a certain way and not being able to physically do it? Once your movement improves, the fun stuff like hitting it further will fall into place.

All said and done, I urge all junior athletes to begin building your athletic foundations and making them as well rounded as possible to support your efforts in golf for years to come. If you are curious where you or your son or daughter should start please feel free to reach out!

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