I’ve heard a lot about Cross Rope over the last few years and tried them out and loved how they felt! 

This weighted jump rope system not only helps athletes learn how to jump rope faster due to the weight, but also challenges athletes who have jumped for a long time. We brought these in because we saw a need for better jump ropes, but also needed an exercise that helps hands, wrists and forearms get stronger while doing something athletic. This jump rope will aid in total body strength while also working on rhythm and timing that transfers over to your golf swing nicely. Another aspect of jumping rope is your ground reaction force. Over time jumping rope, especially a weighted rope, will make your ground force reaction time better, making your body feel more springy in all other activities you do including your golf swing! Overall a great exercise to add into your weekly routine as part of your warm up or in conjunction with your workout for the day! 

We have 2 sizes, a medium size, made for athletes who are between 5’5 and 5′ 9 and a large size, made for athletes who are between 5 ’10 and 6′ 1. Each comes with a ¼ pound colored green and a ½ pound rope colored white. They will be stored in the white bag with the label “Large” or “Medium” and will be on the rack near the GPC logo in the gym. In each bag there will be handles as well, those handles clip onto the rope weight you’d like to use and you are good to go! When you are done, we ask that you wrap the rope back up and place it in the bag you got it from, after you cleaned off the rope and handles. We look forward to your feedback using them! If you need any help with these or anything in the gym don’t hesitate to ask Myself, Roland or Ali!

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