Building The Right Recovery Strategy

The offseason is quickly approaching which means it’s time to start building some strength in the gym! With that we need to take a deep look at what we are doing to properly recover from our workouts. When we workout we use glycogen (sugar in the body from carbohydrates) to fuel the workout. We also damage the muscle when lifting to then build it back stronger through proper recovery. Our main priority for post workout nutrition is to replenish glycogen through ingesting carbohydrates and repairing muscle by decreasing protein breakdown and increasing protein synthesis through eating protein. It is pivotal to eat something directly after your workout to start the recovery process. This will lead to less muscle soreness, improved immune system, increased ability to build muscle, improved ability to utilize body fat and many other benefits! Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with post workout nutrition though. If we want to build muscle size and strength, and be able to apply it to our golf game next season, it is necessary to think about what we are eating at every meal. This will not only help you lead a healthier lifestyle, but if we are always thinking about “eating for performance”, your body will feel better over time! 
When it comes down to it you need to think about 3 things Post Workout: 

  1. Refuel: with the right carbohydrates 
  2. Re-hydrate: with water and electrolytes if possible 
  3. Rebuild: with a high protein meal post workout

If you have any questions on how to build the right recovery strategy or implementing healthier eating habits in your life, come see us in the Performance Zone! 
Kyle Panek

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