Plan Your Work


The beginning of the 2021-2022 Academy year is right around the corner! As a coaching staff, we have continued to recap this past year (what went well, and what didn’t) so the year ahead can bring even more success. The first week of our upcoming Junior Academy year is dedicated solely to completing Player Development System testing with every athlete. This allows both the player and the coach to understand the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, and be most efficient in their practices and workouts moving forward.

At the completion of testing week, each athlete will receive their most current PDI (Player Development Index) which will be displayed on their Junior Golf Hub profiles. This number is not meant to be looked at as a pass or fail scenario like a test in school, for instance. This number is simply a marker in time. It describes where you are on your journey of developing as a golf athlete. So with that said, I encourage all of our junior golfers to embrace it! Give your very best effort during this upcoming testing period, and use it as a baseline for your year ahead. Feel proud of the areas that have shown improvement, focus on the areas that showed to be weak, and work hard to stick to your plan between testing periods to improve those areas! This is a tool for all junior golf athletes, parents, and coaches to reference over the course of many years.

If you are not enrolled at GPC but are interested in going through a Player Development Index Assessment you can get a taste by completing the PDI Self-Assessment on! Once that is complete, keep an eye out for our next College Prep Series event to get additional exposure to college coaches and gain a better idea of where your game stands.