Are You Properly Hydrated?

Have you ever counted how much water you drink in ounces per day? Most of us go about our day not even considering if we drank water today or not. As Human beings we are made up of 60% water. Throughout the day you are constantly losing water through sweating and going to the bathroom. This could be detrimental to your performance as an athlete. When we are dehydrated we start to lose concentration, have mood swings and possible headaches which all lead to poor physical performance. So we have a plan for you to end dehydration for good! First you need to buy yourself a water bottle. I would suggest a 24-32 oz. bottle. Now you have water with you at all times, all you have do is drink half your body weight in oz or more throughout your day. Sounds easy, right? More times than not we simply forget to drink water. A great goal for someone who is struggling to drink water is to drink at least 8 oz every hour you are awake throughout your day. This will get you anywhere from 80-100 oz of water per day and for most of you this will put you right at half your body weight. Another thing to think about is Electrolytes. The number one reason to add electrolytes to your water is absorption into the body, to ensure you are retaining all of it and it isn’t just going to waste. Electrolytes are ions that have a positive charge to them, water will always follow the positive charges into your cells, making the absorption process quicker and easier. In short, you get hydrated quicker with electrolytes than without. As well as absorbing all of these important minerals. A great addition to your water would be the Amino Vital Action powder. This contains electrolytes as well as amino acids. This will not only help with absorbing water but will also help repair muscles with the amino acids. 
Hopefully this will help you drink more water, become hydrated and perform your best in the gym and on the course!
-Kyle Panek, Performance Coach

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