Am I Getting Enough Daily Physical Activity?

The definition of Athleticism is “the ability to repeatedly perform a range of movements with precision and confidence in a variety of environments, which require competent levels of motor skills, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and endurance.”  
Hmmm, sounds a lot like what it takes to play the sport we all love doesn’t it..!?  But why just practice these skills out on the course?   In order to improve upon and continue playing the sport we hold so dear to us, far beyond our youth, we must maintain daily physical activity
 It is highly recommended that adults from ages 18-65 participate in 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic (cardio)  physical activity per week, or 30 minutes a day. As well as, 2 or more days of resistance training or anything that maintains or increases muscular strength and endurance.  Youth should participate in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. As well as added resistance training throughout the week. 
Of course this daily physical activity is an added bonus to help us improve our golf game, however, this also makes life much easier!  As Kyle wrote best a few weeks ago in his article on The Path of Least Resistance, the human body wants “easy” so let’s make hard physical activity, well, become EASY! The more daily physical exertion we place our bodies under each day, the quicker the body adapts, and the easier workouts, golf, and life become!  
Being an athlete is not just about how well the human body is capable of running, jumping, changing direction, etc, because this is how our bodies are designed to move! But it’s the ability to sustain this “athleticism” that carries our game much farther. It’s our job to ensure these basic functions last us throughout our everyday lives.  On or off the course!  
So I ask, did you get enough physical activity today?
(Golf is a light to moderate intense sport, therefore 150 – 300 minutes a week of play is required in order to maintain the recommended physical activity guidelines)

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