Age Is But A Number

Age Is But A Number

Stewart Cink is yet another athlete that is showing how remaining dedicated to improving physically is allowing him to compete in his sport at a high level late into his career. Whether we look at Bernhard Langer, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, and now Stewart Cink, one trait they all share is the attention they’ve put into their bodies to continue to give themselves the best opportunity at competing at the highest level. So far this year on the PGA Tour Cink is averaging 306 yards off the tee compared to 291 yards 10 years ago. Sure, there are many factors that can contribute to this increase (equipment and swing mechanics can’t be overlooked) but without the attention put into continuing to move well, all the latest club technology will only get you so far and it would certainly be more difficult to make any sustainable swing change.

According to the Titleist Performance Institute, Cink has been working hard with his coach James Sieckmann to make some adjustments to his set up. A change that seems as subtle as this can make a tremendous difference in the how the rest of his swing sets up. Proper static posture gives the joints the best opportunity to move through a full range of motion, and the muscles in the body to have a balanced length-tension relationship. Having a balance of active and passive tension is important in generating efficient movement and storing as much potential energy as possible as you take the club away. Stewart Cink has worked hard to make these changes and it showed in his play last week in Hilton Head.

Year Driving Distance

2021 306yds

2016 296yds

2011 291yds