As most of you know Netflix just released a documentary series on the PGA Tour. I finally got an opportunity yesterday to watch the first episode. I must say it is very cool to take a look into the minds of the best of the best when it comes to golf! The first episode was about Justin Thomas and Jordan Speiths friendship and taking us through their rounds during the 2022 PGA Championship! 

As we know JT won that but little did we know the struggle he was going through during his rounds. After his third round he went back to the range and struggled to find what he thought was good contact. It was cool to see how much he was struggling and searching for something he could take to the course the following day. On the last day he saw he was only a few away from the leader and fired a switch and took his game to the next level to get where he needed to be to compete for the win! It was awesome to get into his head during that time to see what he was thinking and how he ultimately brought home the championship! 

Another aspect of the show was them getting into JT’s and Jordan’s friendship. First of all these guys have been playing golf against each other since they were in High School and continued to play against each other in college! Their friendship grew to be so close that JT had Jordan as his best man in his wedding! The show goes into detail how they fly together, usually stay in the same house together and even workout together in between rounds! I love that about golf! Where you can be the best of friends at one point and want to crush the other person when you’re  in battle on the golf course! 

This was a very entertaining 45 minutes of my day yesterday! If you get a chance I highly suggest you watch the first episode and the series! I can definitely see myself watching this series and pulling things from the best in the world and adding it to my game from a course management and  mental standpoint! I’ll be watching the rest of the series as the weeks go on but if you end up doing the same, let me know what you think!

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