The Developmental Power of a question

The Developmental Power of a Question

One of my favorite things about working at GPC this past year and a half has been the willingness of the people I work with to constantly be asking themselves, “how can I get better?” Not better as a golfer per se, but better as a colleague, a coach, an employee, and even as a person. I have had some amazing conversations about commitment to personal growth and professional development. As a result, I’m not surprised that we are growing so rapidly as an organization. It’s very clear that we are getting better. From what I’ve seen so far, GPC practices what it preaches. However, it’s obviously important to have the employees of GPC working on self-improvement, but what about its members and students? If as an organization we are committed to getting better, we should also see that same mindset emerging in those we coach. Afterall, we are in the business of helping people improve.

Not surprisingly, I had a really cool experience last week on the golf course that confirmed what I suspected; our sermons are working! After caddying nine holes for one of our Summer Achieve students, the student and I were walking off the ninth green at Salem C.C. when he turned to me and asked, “how can I get better?” Any time a student or client that I am working with asks me that question, I am blown away. Not only does it tell me about their desire to learn, but more importantly, it tells me they are humble enough to know they don’t have all the answers. They are open to coaching and willing to listen to those who know more than they do. I can’t think of a more powerful question to ask if you want to improve in any area of your life.

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