What's In A Ball

What’s in a Ball?

That is a really great question and why does it matter?  Golf balls are made up of layers, each serves a different purpose.  The outer layer is known as the cover.  Much like an airplane, the outer layer is composed of aerodynamics that enhance how it flies.  The ball has to fly far and spin and stop on the ground too.  Quite a “conflict of interest” but that is why there are so many options!  A premium ball, which is usually around $50 a dozen at the time of this writing, will have a cover that can help with both.  A non premium ball will have trouble highlighting both of the above mentioned features.  Here are the facts the will help you to play better golf:

  • Use the same ball every round so that you can depend on the spin, roll, landing angle and more.
  • Test a few different balls to see how they perform with a putter and wedge, but also with an iron and driver.
  • Some balls favor distance, and some are soft.  Premium balls cover both.
  • Balls are not gender specific or skill specific.  I often hear that “I am not good enough to play a Pro V1.”  That is purely a myth as this ball fits the widest variety of players.