Weight A Minute!

We are really lucky to have a true tour build shop right here in beautiful Ridgefield, CT. With that we often draw some players here that currently play golf for a living. So every little advantage can play a huge part in their everyday life. We recently had a player come by, we’ll call him Player X, with two sets of irons. Additionally he wanted to try the new Titleist Irons, as the company was willing to buy him a set. The clubs he came with were more than five years old and he has made a career using them. See the specs above.
After testing Titleist Irons, T100,  the numbers were good enough to take outdoors, and the swing weight on the test iron was slightly higher at d6.5.  This was something he wanted to try.  When we got outside, his 185ish carries were falling left too much and he did not like the feel or look of that shot shape.  Player X showed me his current greens in regulation stats which he averaged close to 15 greens per round.  To make a change in his irons, there would have to be a good reason.  The difference between his clubs and the ones he tested were about two swing weights, or close to 6 grams.  With a state of the art fitting room and build shop, paired with a knowledgeable team, we were able to reaffirm the players concerns and hopefully gain his trust going forward!