Trust the Process

The above picture is Coach John Wooden aka “Wizard of Westwood” who coached the legendary UCLA Bruins to ten (10) NCAA Championships in a twelve (12) year period.  I have heard that he would not let his players practice if their shoes were not tied correctly.  This was to prevent blisters.  Blisters prevented the correct and maximum use of the fine footwork required to win ten out of twelve National Championships.  This was unacceptable on Coach Wooden’s watch.  He made his players stick to the process.
At The Golf Performance Center Custom Clubs, we too follow a process.  We follow this process because it allows all of the golfers that come through here to be measured the same way.  We make a few recommendations for the golfer, ONLY if it improves upon their current equipment.  We call these recommendations GOOD, BETTER, BEST.  Golfers have feel preferences, brand preferences, and of course price preferences.  We want to make sure that we are respectful of these, while also giving them what they came here to us for–the truth!  
If you haven’t been measured for clubhead speed, or your carry distance, or even where you make contact on the clubface then what are you waiting for?  We are 16 days away from the official start of Spring 2022!  Now is the time to get out ahead of your friends, and start the improvement process!