Traj Talk

Let’s talk about height, or trajectory.  The definition of trajectory is: the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces.  In golf terms, think of the height your ball reaches at the APEX or highest point of the shot.  So why is this important?  It’s important to be able to control the ball because golf is played outside.  Wet fairways or rainy conditions are not great for high golf shots.  Think The Open Championship.  When the wind blows this adds another element of control.  These are just a few examples.
Dynamic Loft is the loft applied to the golf shot at impact.  It can be determined by the club selection, and the position you deliver it to the ball at.  If you want to hit a “stinger” you probably wouldn’t use a 9 iron because that club comes with a lot of loft already.  You would maybe try a club with less loft such as a 5 iron or 4 iron.
In Custom Clubs, one of the things we can do to adjust the shaft stiffness is to tip the golf shaft.  This can help to lower the launch at impact if the speed of the golfer dictates so.  Additionally, we have plenty of shaft options for longer clubs such as driving irons, or hybrids.  Next time you’re practicing, try to hit some low shots as well as some stock ones.  It’s a great addition to the golf bag!