This Is Halloween

Happy Halloween to all the families out there!  This weekend when you are ghosting and goblining through the neighborhood, keep in mind some of the best outfits on the big stage of all time!  In first place is obviously John Daly and his Loudmouth pants and shirts.  He bombs it, has a sweet set of hands, and dresses very colorful ever since somewhere in the early 2000s.  Next up is a two way tie between Rory Sabbatini and Ian Poulter.  Never afraid to shine bright, these guys both take the cake.  Both good players in their own right, Rory recently medaling at the Olympics and Poulter is a frequent past Ryder Cupper.  Of course, if you choose not to dress like this at least make sure that your equipment works this fall next time you stop by Custom Clubs!!!  Happy Halloween!!