The Pitching Wedge: Set Wedge vs. Specialty Wedge

Golf bags are full of customized options for your game, and choosing between a pitching wedge from the iron set versus a specialty wedge is no different.
What do we mean by the set wedge vs. specialty wedge? The set wedge is the pitching wedge that comes with your iron set while the specialty golf wedges are similar to the blade versions of 56-degree and 60-degree wedges you can purchase separately.
Here’s a brief breakdown of wedges and their lofts to help you fill your gaps:

  • Pitching Wedge (PW): 45-48 degrees
  • Gap Wedge (AW, GW): 48-52 degrees
  • Sand Wedge (SW): 54-58 degrees

The Golf Performance Center dives into the differences between these wedges as well as how a golf club fitting can bring you even more confidence and consistency on the golf course.

Matching Iron Set Pitching Wedge Benefits

The benefits to sticking with your pitching wedge from your iron set include more forgiveness and consistency on full-swing shots. The iron set version of the wedge will have a similar look and feel to your 9 iron and beyond, with perimeter weighting and a cavity back.
These features make it easier to hit full-swing pitching wedges, which means there’s more forgiveness on the line. If you are regularly leveraging your pitching wedge’s full distance, you will most likely find it more consistent to use the iron set wedge vs. specialty wedge. That being said, using an iron set version of the pitching wedge around the greens is certainly doable, but with less spin than a specialty wedge, you’ll be playing more bump-and-run-like shots.

Specialty Golf Wedges Benefits

When you think of specialty golf wedges, you think of blade-like wedges that provide tons of spin around the greens. While you can get a gap wedge and sand wedge to match your iron set, many players tend to turn to specialty wedges when it comes to these golf clubs.
A specialty wedge is less forgiving than the iron set version of a pitching wedge, but what it lacks in full-swing forgiveness, it makes up in higher spins around the green. If you’re regularly using your pitching wedge to chip around the greens, you’ll likely want to go with the specialty version to achieve greater control and consistency.

Let’s Talk Golf Set Gap Wedge vs. Specialty Wedge

The same arguments for the pitching wedge can be made for the gap wedge – and even the sand wedge – so we thought we’d throw in some bonus information. Using a set gap wedge vs. specialty wedge comes down to the same benefits listed above.
PGA and LPGA Tour players are likely to start switching to specialty wedges at the gap wedge, meaning their gap wedge and sand wedge will be blades, along with another wedge – perhaps a 64-degree. Their pitching wedge will remain part of the iron set in order to fill a distance gap between a full-swing 9 iron and a full-swing gap wedge.
While it may be easier to swing a set gap wedge vs. specialty wedge, many mid to lower handicap players still find it seamless to use the specialty gap wedge as that 100-yard club, all while leveraging the higher spins around the green.

Which Golf Wedge Set is Right for You?

The right golf wedge set for you depends on how you’re using your pitching wedge, among others. If you want to keep your distance gaps as they are with your current pitching wedge, sticking with the iron set version will make those distances easier to hit again and again.
If you’re looking for more control around the greens and feel comfortable taking full swings with blade wedges when necessary, the specialty pitching wedge will do the trick.
When in doubt, you can test the two versions on the golf course and see which ones are more natural for your game and effective under pressure. Or, you can allow data to guide you.

Custom Fit Golf Clubs Includes Wedges

One of the easiest ways to find the right golf clubs for you is to go to a golf club fitting. Yes, The Golf Performance Center even fits you for a golf wedge set! So if your mind is constantly battling between a specialty wedge vs. a set wedge, you can put your trust in our golf club fitting experts.
Custom fit golf clubs are the best way to find your groove on the golf course because each golf club is tailored to your swing and your game. And it’s not just about feel – at The GPC, we have the most advanced technology that will confirm that the great feeling you have about those wedges is backed by data, which will lead to more consistency and confidence on the golf course.
No matter if you go with the iron set wedge vs. specialty wedge, or vice versa, you can trust that you’re adding the best wedge for you to your bag. If you’re not sure, think of it as a fun experiment to test all the wedges, from the pitching wedge to the sand wedge.
A few questions to think about while experimenting include:

  • Which wedges are great for hitting sand shots?
  • Which wedges do you feel comfortable hitting full shots?
  • How about flop shots or bump-and-runs?

Depending on your preferences from 100 yards in, you can curate the perfect golf wedge set for your game. Get a custom wedge fitting to see the numbers and then take the wedges out onto the course and feel confident about your choice.