The 14 Club Rule

The 14 club rule

A rule that states the maximum number of clubs allowed in a bag during a stipulated round of golf.  Also a rule that you break if you are very successful financially and have a “country club” addiction, and like to play at more than one “club.”  The real golf rule however does not state anything about testing other clubs after the round, during the season, or even changing them round-to-round to accommodate the given task at hand.  This week at The Travelers, the world number two appears to be going back to the SIM driver after spending much of the year with the SIM 2.   Also after testing some LA GOLF shafts for some time, it appears that he is back to his Speeder 661 Evo 2.0 TX.  DJ has been known to test a lot of equipment, and knows that he should end up with the right weapons in his bag come Thursday morning of the tournament.  You too should spend some time figuring out the right tools for the job!  It is one of our 5 Elements of Success here at The Golf Performance Center and can make a big difference in your desired outcome. 

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