Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Time

The Masters is only seven weeks away so what are you doing to get ready for the season?  Here are a few tips to get a head start on 2021. 

1. Have your lofts/lies checked.  You could be hitting poor shots despite making good swings!

2. Clean your clubheads with a steel brush, warm water and some mild soap.  Inspect everything to make sure it’s not loose, damaged or rattling.

3. Put new grips on your clubs if they appear worn, brittle, slick, or missing.

Last but not least, look at your wedges.  They are scoring clubs and if it’s been a while since you got wedges, consider an upgrade.  In the above picture, look at the face on the wedge that has an equivalent of 75 rounds of golf versus the new face.  The Vokey team conducts extensive research and found that wedges simply lose their stopping power.  Almost 1000 rpm and 45% of the stopping power after 75 rounds.  The second picture is Brooks Koepka winning WITB from two weeks ago at the Phoenix Open.  I’ve been told that these players sometimes get new wedges every tournament, and as seldom as a few times per year.  They probably should because they spin-it for a living!