Should I Get Fitted for Wedges?

Custom fit golf clubs are perfectly crafted for every type of golfer and every type of situation you encounter on the golf course; perhaps none more so than custom fit wedges. Wedges occupy a very special place in the golf bag, ready and able when you need to pitch shots, whether it’s to get yourself out of a sand trap or to get your ball close to the hole from off the green. 
At the Golf Performance Center, we offer golf club fitting and custom fit golf clubs to ensure our golfers play with the best possible equipment, as necessitated by our 5 Elements of Success. We believe that equipment not only should be of the highest caliber, but it should also be custom fit to each player’s performance, which is why we offer a variety of golf club fitting options.
The Wedge Fitting utilizes world-class technology and puts players on our short course to test out a number of different wedges to see the best fit. With an expert golf fitter by your side, you’ll walk away with a wedge perfectly suited to your game and development goals. 
The GPC is one of Golf Digest’s best place to get fitted for golf clubs. If you’re looking to have a fitting for golf clubs, or a wedge fitting in particular, then you’ve come to the right place. We have answers to all of your questions, from “Should I get fitted for golf clubs?” to the signature golf club fitting process we employ at the GPC.

1. Why Should I Get Fitted for Wedges?

When you reach for a wedge on the golf course, there’s a strong chance you’re trying to get the ball out of a tricky situation. Whether it’s out of a sand trap or through some trees, having the right wedge in your hands can make or break your score. That’s why finding the ideal wedge for your game by getting fitted for golf clubs can be a gamechanger.
Increase the likelihood that your wedge is perfectly suited to you by being fit for custom fit golf clubs.

2. How Often Should I Get Fitted for Wedges?

Some players might use their wedges more than others, and how often you buy new wedges is largely dependent on how the grooves wear down. Some experts have said that typical use usually necessitates getting new wedges every one to two years. 
When it’s time for a new wedge, having a fitting for golf clubs can really elevate your wedge game. The process we use here at the GPC is all about tailoring the wedge to your game, and we recommend only wedges from the top brands. Custom fit wedges are the way to go for a club that perfectly suits your performance and how you want your game to advance. 

3. Where Does the Fitting Experience Take Place?

The Wedge Fitting experience at the GPC takes place in several different spaces, from our short course to the indoor golf facility. Starting at the build shop, we review your current wedges before performing an evaluation using technology in the indoor golf facility and then performing a green grass verification on the short course. 

4. Can I Test My Wedges Outside?

Yes, wedge fittings at the GPC utilize our outdoor short course, GPC National, so you can see how the wedges perform in a variety of conditions. Using the short course for fitted golf clubs is key to seeing how they perform with conditions you can’t control, like uneven lies and wind, like you would during a real round of golf. With eleven different greens, you’re able to try out wedges in several different situations. 

5. What Technology or Methods Are Used to Fit Each Player?

The technology we use in our fitted golf clubs evaluations include the TrackMan radar-based club and ball tracking technology, Gears 3D Motion Capture System and GC-Quad Launch Monitors. Our golf fitters are Class A PGA certified and are brand agnostic, meaning they select clubs based on the right fit for the player rather than staying within one brand, to the detriment of fit. 
If you think custom fit wedges could elevate your game, consider experiencing an expert wedge fitting. Our golf fitters are more than happy to evaluate your current equipment as well as your game to recommend the right wedge for you. And if you need more help in the form of a Full Swing Fitting, in which you’re evaluated for all golf clubs except wedges and putters, a Putter Fitting, or even our exclusive Full Day Fitting Experience, we’re here for you. 

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