Rolling Rock

We get to spend a lot of time measuring putting strokes here at Custom Clubs.  One of the things that we notice most commonly is that most golfers have a lot of face rotation which produces an inconsistent impact position.  Under pressure, most golfers miss short putts because of a poorly aligned face angle at impact.  A putter face angle error of just one degree, will result in a missed putt at a distance of 12 feet.
So to improve impact, we always use SAM Puttlab to educate the golfer on their tendencies and to measure and evaluate their putting stroke.  After that we begin with selecting the correct length to produce the most consistent stroke.  We then look at different head designs that are built differently, and when in motion move differently.  It’s all about impact, so we don’t care how the putter gets there, if it is consistent and pointed at the target.  One thing we also do that I learned from David Edel years ago, is to add weight to the shaft.  We do this at different positions in the shaft to help control everything above we just talked about.
If you’re curious how consistent your putting stroke is, or to learn more about the most used club in golf, stop by Custom Clubs at The Golf Performance Center and check out our new Putting Studio featuring a state of the art Zen Green Stage!

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