Putter Selection

Putter Selection

One of the most undervalued clubs in your bag is your putter.  It is a club that makes up nearly 40% of your scorecard and yet it continues to dazzle players on the highest level.  Above you can see Max Homa as he lipped out on the 72nd hole from three feet for the outright win.  He did end up winning eventually.  People have a hard time practicing putting.  If you haven’t spent some time improving your putting stroke, consider some of the effects that your equipment will have.  Here are a few starters:

Head Type – Can help to improve the arc of the putting stroke and the rotation of the clubface.  A mallet versus a blade.

Lie Angle – Is the head of the club flat to the ground and optimal for a good impact strike.  Is the toe too much in the air or maybe the heel?

Shaft Offset – Check your start direction and aiming.  Different shaft offsets provide different looks.  What is your dominant eye?  This will play a role.

Shaft Weighting – Adding weight to the shaft can calm the hands, improve inconsistent rotation, improve putting path.

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