Plan on the Weather

As the golf courses start to open up around here, so do the weather forecast possibilities here in the Northeast.  Usually it takes a few months before the sun is beating down and you are slugging water to stay hydrated.  In this setting you are most likely wearing much less overall clothing as you are trying to stay cool.  Think June/July/August.  
Since we are not yet in April, the golf you play will most likely require the patented blue quarter zip, if not additional rain gear or layers.  Now layers make it more restrictive and will ultimately reduce your mobility, robbing you of your speed and thus distance.  So one thing you can do is PLAN for this.  Maybe hit some shots in your rain jacket or other gear.  Practice changing the trajectory with said clothing, and generally get used to the outdoors at this time of year.  
A few tips to get you through the Spring weather here as you brush the rust off:
-Always stretch your body out and get loose for a MINIMUM of 5-10 minutes before swinging a club.
-Make it a point to get to a practice facility on a “not so nice day” and hit some shots so that you can see what it’s like.
-Work on controlling your trajectory.  In the picture above, let’s assume the golf club used is a 5 iron. The golfer appears to have a lower finish position.  If he is done with his follow through here, this is most likely a lower golf shot.  Great for making the ball go lower and potentially run out more.  Give it a try! 

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