Phil and the USGA

Phil & The USGA

If you haven’t followed along in the last week or so, Phil Mickelson posted on Social Media that he heard rumors of the USGA re-writing the rule for Driver Length.  Supposedly reducing it from 48” to 46”.  While we have no confirmation on this to be true, it certainly hit a chord and Phil has been sounding off for the last week and most recently coming up with an alternate suggestion.  So what would this mean if it were to go through?  For starters, most “off the rack” drivers are close to 46” in length.  Specifically here are the sock manufacturer lengths as of the writing of this article.  To be clear, these can be altered at a Custom Shop, but this is the length the manufacturer has settled on for “stock.”

Callaway – 45.75”

TaylorMade – 45.75”

Titleist – 45.50”

Mizuno – 45”

Ping – 45.75”

The big debate is whether this is an efficient method of maintaining the integrity of sport?  Some other avenues could include changing the ball, course layout, and driver head design to name a few.  Also what effect would this have on an amateur golfer in a time where golf may be growing in popularity again?  It is all hearsay until an announcement is made.  In the meantime while you practice, make sure to focus on hitting the center of the face.  The length of the golf club can affect that, and it is different for EVERYONE!