PDI Week at GPC

PDI Week at GPC!

This week we are excited to measure our athletes and by the end of the week we will have the first of four yearly measurements of our junior golfers.  Here at GPC we refer to this as the Player Development Index and this is PDI week!  It has been really great to see our athletes go through measurements all week, and with accurate data we can show them how close or far they are from the plans they have for future golf.

One thing we have done this week in Custom Clubs is gather the data that we include in their Junior Golf Hub profile.  We include a DNA and a Gap Analysis.  A DNA is a comprehensive report on all the measurements of the golf clubs in the bag.  This includes length, lie, loft, swingweight, frequency, head brand, shaft brand, grip brand/size/color.  The Gap Analysis is a measurement of how far they carry all the clubs in their bag.  These are crucial to track the growth and progress plus player preferences as a junior progresses into an adult.

Some of our juniors are more into equipment than others, but they all learn a bunch going through the equipment portion of PDI Week.  As Coaches, we also get to learn a bunch about them too.  The PDI is the backbone of The Golf Performance Center and if you are serious about improving there is no other test like it!

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