Off Season Wedge Prep

As we get closer to golf courses opening up in the northeast, don’t overlook the power of one of your main scoring clubs, your wedges.  This would include the ones in your set that you swing in a full motion, such as your pitching and gap wedge.  It would also include your higher lofted wedges such as sand wedge and lob wedge that may not reach full speed, and are swung more partial.  This is important when understanding the gaps of yardage between your clubs, so that you can prepare each shot accordingly.  Remember, unlike your driver, nobody cares how far you hit a wedge!  Believe it or not, it’s more about accuracy with this club.  Here are a few key elements to becoming a better scorer with this club:
-understand how far each club goes, and what purpose it serves in your bag
-practice hitting different trajectories(heights) with each wedge, and understand what can help modify the flight
-practice hitting shots around the green from bad/poor lies more often than good lies when given the chance
-make sure you have the right bounce/loft/lie to best suit the turf conditions and golf courses that you frequently play
-always use the same golf ball to help get the same landing results
And maybe most importantly, keep your grooves clean so that you can MAXIMIZE your friction at impact.  As always we recommend consulting a professional, and stopping by Custom Clubs for all your wedge needs!
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pictured: a dirty wedge 🙁

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