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Off-Season in the Northeast

Offseason in the Northeast

The golf season in the Northeast is winding down with colder mornings, frost delays, and the unboxing of winter clothes. The off season is here and what’s there to do with golf? A plan to improve your game and some equipment upgrades can be a couple priorities to keep your game sharp and ready for the next season.

Equipment Upgrades – Time to tinker with your equipment! This can be a good time to see what’s new, what needs to be improved, and what to keep. Was there a club that did not perform as well as you would have liked? Is there a yardage gap you noticed while playing? 190 to 210 yards? Testing out driving irons, hybrids or a 7 wood can be an option. Do you need new wedges for the upcoming season? Or do you need a different bounce on the wedge? Luckily this winter, Custom Clubs is having a weekly auction for discounted equipment. The clubs can be anywhere from drivers, woods, hybrids, wedges and a putter. Check it out and place a bid!

Plan to improve your game – How was your golf season this year? Did you reach your goals? Is there anything that you’d like to improve? Do you have a plan? This would be the time reflect and do something about it. I would suggest going through a GPC 5 Elements of Success Evaluation along with a Coach Guided Assessment to see what you actually need to improve both on the physical and golf side. “Whichever can be measured, can be improved.” The 5 Elements of Success Evaluation and the Coach Guided Assessment give you a baseline on what you are currently doing and what can be improved. The winter and offseason months can be a good time to gain some club head speed, work on the mobility and stability on the physical side, and improve on the weaknesses while also maintaining your strengths on the golf side.

Make the time to reflect on your golf game this past year and let us know when you’d like to get started!

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