Let the Games Begin!

If you are like us here at The Golf Performance Center, we love reading about Golf News.  One of the most pressing issues as of recent was the USGA decision to allow a local rule in elite level competitions to roll back the length of the driver to 46”.  If you are like most people, 46” is way too long for you to even attempt to control.  However it is gathering significant attention on the world stage.  
The news did not come out of nowhere, it was announced about a year ago that they were looking to collect information about putting this into place before it happened.  Looking for all sorts of feedback from the golf industry and clubmakers alike.  What does this mean for you?  If you play Elite level competition, then a local rule (MLR G-10) could be used to prevent anyone from using a driver longer than 46”.  However, if you play at Choppersville Country Club you most likely will not be affected by this Model Local Rule.  
As always, consult a PGA Professional for advice on and for modifying lengths/lofts/lies and anything equipment related.  PS, all of our drivers are cut between 45.00” and 45.25” here at The Golf Performance Center Custom Clubs!