Low Angle

Land Angle

The above picture depicts “Land Angle,” which is the angle at which the ball hits the ground.  Why is land angle important?  And what exactly does it mean?  Well, it can determine how much the ball bounces and rolls when it hits the ground.  This has a direct correlation on the distance the ball travels, and specifically the “carry” and the “total” of the golf shot.  For starters, “total” is always a CALCULATION on Trackman and not an actual MEASUREMENT.  So if you want the most accurate data, use “carry.”  Second of all, this number should vary between clubs.  You don’t want your pitching wedge falling out of the sky the same way your driver does.  Most likely you want more roll out on your driver, and less on your wedge.  This is something we monitor very closely at Custom Clubs.  We pair this with launch and spin data to provide an optimal club recommendation for the golfer.  Want to learn more about Land Angle?  Check out this link here or stop by Custom Clubs at The Golf Performance Center to get measured! 

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