Junior Club Fitting 101

Our team traveled to Ridgewood Country Club on Tuesday for the National Club Fitters Conference. There were many great topics but one thing we came away with was that it is very important to spend time making sure that kids know how to swing fast at a young age. From an equipment standpoint, this means using clubs that are not too long. Longer clubs do not allow the junior golfer to maximize the speed. Shorter clubs do. Another important junior golf club rule is to allow your kids to grow out of their clubs, not the other way. The goal to save a few bucks, may just ruin golf for someone. Instead, seek out a knowledgeable PGA Professional that can specialize in junior clubs. They have been trained to properly fit juniors and help keep their burning desire to get better last a lifetime. Remember, Equipment is one of our five elements here at GPC and it is equally important as the other four!