Expert Putter Fitting at The Golf Performance Center

Everyone has a different opinion about which golf club is the most important, but one thing is for sure: the way your putter helps sink putts is central to your final score, making a putter fitting all that more important. Fitting golf clubs at GPC takes into consideration many different factors, including your stroke, how you grip your putter and other aspects of your putting game.
Golf Digest named GPC one of the best places to get fitted for golf clubs because our fitting experts use technology, in-depth evaluations and analysis to determine the right golf clubs for you. Custom fit golf clubs, including putters, can make a huge difference in your game because this equipment is perfectly suited to you.
When it comes to a putter fitting when you’re getting fitted for golf clubs at an indoor golf facility like GPC, you probably have a lot of questions. One might simply be, “Should I get fitted for golf clubs?” We’re shedding some light on our process, and more specifically the putter fitting process, so you can walk away knowing that the answer is absolutely yes, you should do a golf club fitting. 
Here are the most common questions we hear about putter fittings, and we share the important details you can look for when getting custom fitted for golf clubs at GPC. 

1. Is a Putter Fitting Worth It?

Here at GPC, we wholeheartedly believe that a putter fitting is worth it. It’s true that many people think that working with a golf fitter for clubs only helps their long game, but being fitted for a putter shouldn’t be overlooked.
For one, new putters are being released every year, and a fitting for golf clubs may allow you to take advantage of new technology. Plus, there are so many top brands out there that you likely haven’t tried, and working with an expert golf fitter will expose you to brands and putters you might have overlooked without their recommendation.
Second, there’s a lot to be said for playing with a putter that’s perfectly suited to your game. You want to be confident that the putter our golf fitter recommends is perfectly tailored to you based on our careful analysis of your putting game. 
Therefore, is a putter fitting worth it? It is if you’re looking for a putter that’s ideally suited to your setup, alignment, stroke and a whole host of other criteria we use to evaluate the right fitted golf club for you. Using the perfect putter for your game is going to give you the right tool to sink more putts consistently and lower your score.
To put it another way, would you rather change your stroke and setup to fit the putter you have or find a putter that works for the stroke and setup you have naturally?

2. How Often Should You Be Fitted for a New Putter?

It’s typically recommended that you get a fitting for golf clubs every five years, but if you notice your clubs wear down faster than that and you need to replace your clubs more often, then it might not be a bad idea to get refit before purchasing your next putter. Pay attention to the way your putter wears down or the inconsistencies in your game, and when it’s time to get a new one, consider getting another golf club fitting. 
This can be a smart move for several reasons. For one, anything from your stroke to your setup may have improved since your last golf club fitting, so something that your club was seeking to correct may not be necessary anymore. 
Second, new technology is coming out all the time, both in golf clubs and on the golf club fitting side. If you want to ensure you have access to the best equipment, getting fitted again will open you up to better technology in new clubs or better technology for determining custom fitted golf clubs. 

3. How Do You Get Fitted for a Putter? 

To get fitted for a putter, you need to work with an expert golf fitter, like those at GPC, who is highly experienced and knowledgeable about putters, top brands and the types of concerns you might have in your game.
To determine the right club for you during a putter fitting, the golf fitter will evaluate your setup, your putting grip style, the arc (or lack of) in your stroke, alignment and more. They’ll do this with cutting-edge technology that can analyze things the naked eye cannot see. 
At GPC, our club fitters utilize our top-of-the-line putting studio in our indoor golf facility. In the putting studio, we use a SAM Putt Lab and TrackMan putting technology in addition to the Edel Putter Fitting System.

4. Do I Have to Know My Putting Stroke Type to Get Fitted?

It’s not necessary to come to your putter fitting with any knowledge of your putting stroke because our club fitters will determine that over the course of your fitting and be ready to recommend the right putter based on their observations and findings. 

5. Where Does the Fitting Experience Take Place?

Putting fittings take place onsite at the GPC in our indoor golf facility’s putting studio and build center. You’ll have the opportunity to access the best technology available in the putting studio and see the build center where our expert craftsman assemble our custom fit golf clubs. 
If your interest is piqued and you want to know how a custom fit putter could change your putting game, look into our GPC fitting experiences to get started on your golf club fitting journey.

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