Equipment Manager 101

Equipment Manager 101

Do you ever remember putting on a snowsuit and going outside when you were younger?

Or even with your kids recently? Moving around in that snowsuit or winter gear, you are

probably not as mobile as you would be if you were not rocking any of the above. In golf

because we play in the elements the same theory applies. Ranging from cold to hot conditions,

windy and wet, golf offers it all! If you are not adequately prepared for the round then you are

doing yourself a disservice. Golf is a sport where YOU are your own equipment manager so

start acting like it! Before you come up with all the reasons why you shot a 92 in the rain, try

putting on some rain gear and swinging and seeing what type of effect it has on your ability to

rotate and create speed. Does this affect your carry? How about your shoes, are they

waterproof? Do you have enough gloves, balls and tees? As a junior golfer, these things are

vital to understand at a young age. There are always bulk equipment specials with gloves and

balls available where you can stock up and save some money over the year knowing that you

will be playing lots of golf. I hear it all the time from high level players that the course was

tough, it was wet and it affected scoring. With a simple weather app you can help predict the

weather and should always keep any equipment you may need close by. Hopefully the good

weather comes back to us soon up here in the northeast so we can all get back out on the golf