Different Strokes for Common Folks

Different Strokes for Common Folks

In case you missed a big announcement earlier this week, it appears that golf’s governing bodies will seriously propose some equipment changes that include different rules for elite level players.  This has been talked about for some years and has been referred to as “bifurcation,” meaning that professional tours and elite level amateur competitions could require players to use equipment that is restricted while everyday players can still get benefits of technology and distance gains. 

The proposed changes include:

  • A limit on the driver length from 48” to 46”.
  • A change in how the drivers are tested for distance, known as spring effect, and changes to how golf balls are tested.

Mike Davis who is the CEO of the USGA states that “The research…clearly shows that hitting distances have consistently increased through time, and if left unchecked, could threaten the long-term future of our game at every level and every golf course on which it is played.”  This comes at a time when golf has seen the biggest one year gains in popularity in around 15 years. 

Buckle up this could be a bumpy ride!