Did You Know That…

Most golfers we work with have very little knowledge of how far they actually hit their clubs?  Weird right?!  In a game with so much information available and so much demand on distance and measuring! Some people will go by “their best ever shot” which is a bad gauge of their averages.  Others have a tough time deciphering elevation changes which play into the final number they need to hit it.  The golf ball you play can play a role as well.  So if you’re serious about improving and being consistent, do the little things to get ahead.

  1. Measure and re-measure all the CARRY distances of your clubs.  All of the clubs in your bag.  The total distance will have so many variables such as turf conditions & weather to name a few, so understanding carry is very important so that you can use it on the course.
  2. Use the same golf ball every round every hole.  Doesn’t mean you can’t change the ball from time to time.  Talk about an easy move, if you consistently know how the ball will react, spin, launch, land and feel, then you are ahead of the herd.
  3. Understand what the weather, turf conditions, and elevation changes can do to a golf ball.  I’ll give you an easy example.  If you’re playing St. Andrews in Scotland on a dry day, your calculation for yardages and total runout would be quite different than if you were playing Redding CC on a wet, Spring day.  

Just a few of the many responsibilities you have if you’re looking to improve, happy practicing!  

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