Cut It For Control

One of the easiest ways to gain control of the ball is to reduce the length of the golf shaft. It’s that simple! Most of the golf club manufacturers today sell clubs between 45.5” and 46” at STOCK length. If you think golf is hard, try swinging a club that has no loft, weighs nothing, has a hollow head, and is the longest in the bag. No wonder they spend almost as much money researching this particular golf club, as they do Boeing Aircrafts. Of course, this is not always true for everyone, and some players benefit from a longer driver shaft.
At The Golf Performance Center Custom Clubs, we utilize our own Shaft Matrix. It contains a mix of Stock and Premium Golf Shafts, that cover all of the launch and spin preferences on the chart. We have found that the best offerings in length are between 45” and 45.25”. Our Wood Shaft Matrix is fully stocked with Autoflex, Fujikura, Graphite Design, Mitsubishi and Oban. They can all be fine tuned with our Club-Conex adaptors. It really enhances the fitting experience.
If you have room for improvement in driving the ball, take a measurement of the length and see where you are at. Always consult a PGA Professional for help, and make 2022 a better year for that driver of yours!!

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