Custom Golf Club Fitting: Optimize Your Equipment

Getting fitted for golf clubs is a momentous occasion that warrants celebration. Taking this next step will have a significant impact on your golf game because these golf clubs will be tailored to your swing, and your swing alone.
Think about getting a suit or dress tailored to you – it provides the perfect fit because someone takes the time to note your measurements and make adjustments accordingly. Sure, the original piece of clothing is tolerable, but everyone wants to look their best on an important day.
The same philosophy is behind custom-fit golf clubs. Your golf game may feel manageable, but until you try a driver or iron set specifically built for your golf swing, you won’t know how good you can really be. Getting fitted for golf clubs extends your potential to a new level, and you don’t have to be a professional golfer to indulge. Legends like Arnold Palmer built their own golf club sets, and we can help you do the same.
At the Golf Performance Center, golf club fitting is a major inclusion in our game improvement experience. In addition to providing golf lessons for kids and adults of all skill levels, the team at the GPC provides comprehensive services that lead to a well-rounded approach to improving your golf game. This also includes the golf mental game and physical fitness.
All of these elements combine to the Player Development Index (PDI), or an assessment that gives you a detailed audit of your game and tangible goals and drills to work towards. A huge part of achieving your potential is having the right golf equipment.

Benefits to Getting Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

There are plenty of benefits of getting fitted for golf clubs. Like we said above, having the right golf clubs in your bag gets you that much closer to achieving your goals on the golf course. Whether you want to break 90 or hit more greens in regulation, a golf club fitting is where you need to go if you want a shot at achieving those results.
When you see a golf fitter, you are visiting an expert who is going to show you data around your golf club selections. At the Golf Performance Center, our staff of Class A PGA Professionals use technology like TrackMan, a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor and a GEARS 3D Motion Capture System to provide corroborating data you can trust. The combination of expertise and technology makes the GPC the best place to get fitted for golf clubs.

Long Game Club Fitting: Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons

Most people go to golf club fittings for their long game, though the GPC offers custom fitted clubs for the entire golf bag. No matter which golf club you’re looking to optimize, our club fitting experts always start with an in-depth discussion about your current game and your goals; we then have you hit your golf clubs so we have a baseline.
Our club fitting experts then analyze the data collected from your current driver and recommend different brands based on their launch angles, spin rates and more. Golf shafts are also swapped in throughout the process to ensure distance and accuracy are maximized. The same goes for fairway woods, hybrids and irons.
This process will take some time, but it is time well invested. At the end of the session, the numbers you see on the screen and how you feel don’t lie. You may be gaining an extra 10 yards off the tee or perhaps even 30 yards if you haven’t upgraded your golf clubs in a long time. 
You could also be decreasing your shot dispersion, getting you closer to that higher green in regulations goal. Golf companies are always pushing innovation to the next level so your golf game can benefit.

Wedge Fitting Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

Though wedge fittings don’t cross most people’s minds, this is an integral part to dialing in your short game. The GPC offers a wedge fitting experience where you can actually test out the wedges on our short golf course – GPC National.
Of course, for longer wedge shots, you can test your numbers on the GPC’s club fitting equipment, but being able to try prospective wedges on green grass is an opportunity that can’t be missed. You have the chance to try wedges from all the major golf companies in real environments where feel is the most important factor.

A Putter Fitting Is Well Worth the Investment

Getting fitted for a putter is another experience that will serve you well long-term. While new putters are being released every year, your customized putter may still be your ideal companion for years to come.
The GPC club fitters use a top-of-the-line putting studio with a SAM Putt Lab and TrackMan Putting technology as well as the Edel Putter Fitting System.
Your putting stroke can be more unique than even your golf swing. The GPC experts take the time to analyze your setup, alignment and more to ensure you are receiving the best putter for you. The goal with a putter fitting is for you to feel confident at address that you are aiming at your target and then making a solid stroke; we customize the putter to your stroke rather than have you change your stroke and setup to fit a putter.

Get Fitted for Custom Golf Clubs at the Golf Performance Center

All of these golf club fitting services – and more – are available at the Golf Performance Center. If you’re wondering where to find custom golf club fittings near me, look no further than Ridgefield, Connecticut. 
The GPC offers each golf club fitting service individually or as a combination. You can also spend a full day – from 9am to 5pm – getting the works, including on-course testing with all your new gear to ensure everything feels right outside the studios.

Golf Brands at the Golf Performance Center

Knowing the GPC carries the most popular golf brands means you’ll have a chance to try all the newest technologies when you get fitted for golf clubs. Here’s a peek at some of our top performers:

Golf Club Brands

  • Callaway Golf
  • Cleveland Golf
  • Mizuno Golf
  • PING Golf
  • Srixon Golf
  • TaylorMade Golf
  • Titleist Golf
  • XXIO Golf

Golf Shaft Brands

  • ACCRA Golf Shafts
  • AeroTech Golf Shafts
  • ALDILA Golf Shafts
  • AutoFlex Golf Shafts
  • BGT Golf Shafts
  • Fujikura Golf Shafts
  • Graphite Design Premium Golf Shafts
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Golf Shafts
  • Nippon Shaft
  • OBAN Golf Shafts
  • True Temper Golf Shafts
  • UST Mamiya Golf Shafts
  • Project X Golf Shafts

Golf Grip Brands

  • Golf Pride Grips
  • IOmic Grips
  • Lamkin Grips
  • Odyssey Grips
  • Pure Grips
  • Scotty Cameron Grips
  • SuperStroke Grips
  • Winn Grips

At the end of the day, golf is a game of confidence and control. While you can’t control everything on the golf course, you can ensure your equipment is tailored to you so you can perform your best in those uncontrollable situations. 
Getting fitted for golf clubs is a simple yet extremely effective way to raise your game to the next level and beyond. You don’t want to miss such an advantage, and the Golf Performance Center is here to answer your club fitting questions every step of the way.

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