Custom Clubs The FAQ Edition!!!!


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Welcome to the Custom Clubs, FAQ edition.  Here we will simply answer some basic questions that we come across both about the business and club fitting.  As always, we welcome any phone calls, emails, or social media engagements and you will find all our info above!

Who: Custom Clubs currently employs (left to right in picture) Wally Gonzalez, Tim Keane

What: A high end premium tour like fitting experience with a build shop located right next door.  We are currently recognized as a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter, one of four in the state of CT.  We also just won the best of the Gold Coast in CT 2021.  We fit our members and juniors and are open to the public for a portion of the week.

When: We are open seven (7) days a week from 9:00am – 6:00pm.  We follow the GPC Schedule for any closings, etc.

Where: We are located in Ridgefield, CT on Route 7. 

Why: As one of the 5 Elements of Success, equipment is a vital part of the improvement process.  We measure and re-measure our athletes constantly, and document our research.  The best equipment will contribute to the best results you can get. 

Common Questions…

When and how can I schedule a fitting appointment?

We can be reached at our direct shop number or email at the top of the page.  We fit members 7 days a week and are open to the public on Wed/Thur/Sat/Sun.  We offer fittings around the tee line schedule. 

What is so special about going to GPC Custom Clubs versus somewhere else?

The experience we offer follows a process that we have been awarded for.  Specifically a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter.  While we do not have aggressive sales goals here, we do strive to educate each golfer on equipment, listen to their concerns, and provide vital information and/or a club recommendation to best suit their needs and wants. 

How long does it take to get fit and what is the cost?

We break our fitting experiences into categories.  Drivers, Fairway Woods, Irons, Wedges & Putters.  We offer a single($350), dual($500) or full bag option($750) for fitting experiences.  Depending on the membership you select at GPC, these fees are sometimes waived.  We also waive these fees for all juniors in our academy. 

What can we expect in the world of equipment going forward and into 2022?

Great question, one thing we are hearing murmurs about is that there will still be a shortage of clubs!  We have been going through this for the last 18 months.  Based on some people inside the industry, and a growing shortage of raw materials like metal it is anyone’s guess what next year could bring.  One thing we will do here at Custom Clubs is try to adequately prepare!

What is the most expensive shaft you offer?

We currently carry Dumina Autoflex, which sells for $850 for the shaft.

What is the best shaft you offer?

The one that works best for you!