Carbon Face Time

As we get going on the 2022 golf season, equipment changes will be heavily on display in the coming weeks and months.  Here at GPC we are especially looking forward to testing new trends with our members and juniors.  This week we unboxed the newest edition of the TaylorMade Woods line, Stealth.  Looking closely at the picture you can see some red in the face, if you looked even closer you would see that metal has been replaced with Carbon.  Yes that is correct, the face on the Driver Line is made up of 60 layers of Carbon.  The company is so sure of it’s decision, they have ceased all production of titanium going forward.  Bullish on Carbon.   
If you watched Tiger and Charlie a few weeks ago, you would have noticed that Tiger is using the driver.  According to a TaylorMade insider, this was made possible by the USGA’s decision to prioritize the testing process of the club, Monday the week of the tournament.  It was conforming by the time TW played in the Pro-Am a few days later.  Think he moves the needle at all?
Want to test the latest edition of TaylorMade’s “carbonwood”, reach out to us at Custom Clubs to try it out with premium balls and see for yourself if Ball Speed gains are in your future!
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