A Longer Driver Shaft Creates More Distance

One of the advantages of having a deep shaft matrix for metalwoods is the research and development we can do on driver lengths in our fitting experiences.  We are proudly using Club Conex and our build team has maintained the length 45.00” – 45.25” in our Driver Matrix.  In our Fairway Matrix we are fitting with lengths 41.00” – 43.00”.  This allows us to have a few key advantages on our competitors.
First off, our Achieve Junior Academy can benefit from transitioning into adult heads, while using the correct length in their woods.  By correct I mean using a length that allows them to move the handle very fast.  On our Gears 3-D system, we often see a 5:1 ratio on handle speed and head speed.  This means that if the handle is moving 20mph, then the clubhead speed is measured around 100mph.  So when we give them clubs that are too long, they can’t control the handle, and ultimately can’t control the impact position.  However, when we have gone shorter in length, it’s amazing how they can pound the sweet spot.  We can effectively put a 43” Fujikura Ventus Blue with Velocore fairway shaft, in a Titleist TSi 3 head, customize the swingweight and it’s off to the races.  This has been very effective for us.
Another area where this comes up huge is with adults.  They often come into our Fitting Bay with 45.50” – 46.00” drivers and sometimes are reluctant to give up the length.  When we show them visuals of their inconsistent impact spots, and offer shafts that they can control better it often opens up their eyes tremendously.  It’s all about impact, and if the golfer has control of the club and constantly hits it in the center, then we know that they will enjoy the game that much more.  
Since we re-opened after Covid Shutdown in June 2020, we have conducted over 400 custom fittings.  Out of the 400, we have had zero people challenge us about the finished length of the club.