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Why Golf Is Hard

As we all know golf is a hard game, but does it have to be?  The answer lies within all of us, but a general answer would be, yes.  Yes, because of the amount of time it takes to gain all the knowledge that is required to successfully hit the multitude of shots during a round.  Yes, because for many golfers they never practice the way the game is played.  Yes, because we are human and incapable of making the same exact swing twice. Yes, because we have unrealistic expectations as to our own skill level and the challenge of the game. So, naturally the question then becomes why do you play golf if it is so hard? I do not believe we play because we like punishment, but we as humans like to play, learn, and be challenged.  When you hear the LPGA and PGA Tour players describe the game they use words like: difficult, challenging, engaging, patience, process, routine, insane, rough, grind, and fun.
Jack Nicklaus once said, golf is the ultimate personal challenge that helped him understand who he is as a person.  It wasn’t just about winning golf tournaments. It was about winning the internal battle. Golf taught him patience. 
To help make golf less challenging, challenge yourself to be patient. The understanding of mistakes (in practice and competition) allows you to discover the real champion inside of you.   Mr. Nicklaus has said, “I knew I was going to be a champion long before I became one. I always felt that I knew inside me that I had prepared my game and my mind, all I had to do was go out and play golf the way I knew I was capable!”
Be your own champion and know where you are with your game. If you are unsure about your skill sets, find out by setting up your Player Development Index Assessment at The Golf Performance Center. It will help you plan accordingly for improvement, be realistic as to your expectations, play patiently and enjoy the experience!
Enjoy Your Journey!