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Whose Goal Is It Anyway?

We often talk about the journey to success.  However, there is a downside to success if you are not pursuing your success with the right purpose.  I know I have written many articles about what it takes and how each of us may measure success differently. Be that as it may, we all are susceptible to the dark side of reaching for the impossible.  
The impossible for each may be different but the journey is predictably the same. It is filled with passion and hard work. It is filled with people who believe in you and those who do not, highs and lows. The trials and tribulations may be overwhelming at times. They may come without purpose greater than a good outcome, a win in a tournament, adulation for a job well done, and you may find yourself in a tough spot emotionally. As a positive person I do not like to think about the downside of success or failure, but if you do not consider the possibility of not achieving a certain goal, the pressures of succeeding can be overwhelming when your purpose does not align with your goals.  
When setting your dream quest or a big audacious goal, it is important to understand that your dream or goal will come with consequences, good and bad. Are you prepared? What do I mean by this?  If your goals are not aligned with your purpose the pressures of failing can bring dark consequences.  We have seen many young and old athletes crumble under unnecessary pressure because their dream quest or goals do not align with their parents, teachers and/or coaches.  Our society is littered with stories of young people consumed by this pursuit of perfection in everything from school grades, the best peer group, sports, to having the best college bumper sticker so their parents brag to their friends.  Tragically when an athlete feels they are not able to hold up their “obligations” to keep up with these demands, it often leads to giving up on their dream quest or audacious goal.  You hear this as, “he/she is more naturally talented” but talent is not the limiting factor, maybe motivation or purpose? If this is you, bouncing off the ceiling of natural talent could be even more troubling. You move on to something else and the same things happen,  you begin thinking something is wrong with you.  High achievement can be a double edge sword, when the pursuit is not driven by the right purpose it can become dangerous for those caught in the rushing river of high achievement.  
If you find yourself in this scenario, take some time to reflect on why you are pursuing your dream quest or audacious goal. Are your actions aligned with your goal, do you have the necessary support from those around you? If not, find a new group of friends that will support you. Do you have a good plan to reach your goal? Achievement is not done alone.  Desire to improve + Good Plan + Hard work = Achievement
Enjoy Your Journey!

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