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What Do You See in the Mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  I have asked this question to many of my athletes, and it is interesting to hear the answers.  I know many years ago when I looked into the mirror, I would struggle to see past all the things I consider ugly. To be transparent, I still struggle with this more than I would like.  How can we avoid this?  Well, it is not about avoiding, but rather a matter of focusing on the things that you DO like.  Why am I talking about looking at ourselves in the mirror and what does it have to do with your golf game?  Let’s talk about it.

You see, many of you have taken golf sessions and the golf professional only points out how bad your swing looks or only the flaws relative to a beautiful swing by a PGA or LPGA Tour player.  Now, I am not saying anything is wrong with identifying areas that need improvement, but there are areas likely to be good for you too.  Again, as we look in the mirror, there is one thing we know, none of us look the same, which means as you pick yourself apart on video with your golf coach, as yourself –  why should your swing look like someone else’s swing?  Your swing is uniquely your own. It is a product of your function and knowledge.  So, before you go changing anything you need to learn and understand your own strengths (beauty) and weaknesses (areas you don’t like).  Yes, there will be commonalities to everyone’s golf swing especially the better your physical movement skills, the more likely you will see this.  This is true based on some common basic things too. The ball is generally in the same place for all golfers (on the ground in front of them), as humans we have generally the same physiological make up, and we all have similar tools to hit the ball.  So, what you see in the mirror is your unique way you swing the club based on your own physiology and kinesiology.  This is not to be labeled as  good or bad.  It is what it is – You. 

The important thing as you gaze into the mirror with horror, is to determine what you can  do about it. What are the things I need to focus on, do I focus on the good things making them more apparent, or do I only focus on the flaws and hope to change those?  I would say it depends, it depends on whether you understand how to change them and if they can be changed in a way that does not take away your strengths (beauty).  This is what we see with LPGA or PGA tour players. We see their uniqueness and think that because they do something (example; Dustin Johnson extremely bowed wrist at the top of his swing – his flaw and beauty) it is what everyone should do. Remember, his mirror is not your mirror.

Golf season is here for most around the country now. If you are finding yourself not looking your best in your mirror, there is hope!  Find a coach that can help you with assessing you and your golf skills, not just your golf swing. Junior Golf Hub has a great new way for players to understand what they are seeing in the mirror.  It is a systematic approach; The Player Development System helps players of all ages understand where they are in their journey of development and how to improve with recommended practice plans.   The System produces a Player Development Index (PDI) that allows you to understand where you are developmentally, which can correlate to your scoring.  It is a progressive system that supports the feedback loop that is necessary for continuous improvement unlike carrying a GHIN Index.   Your PDI is helping you determine the right things to focus on for you which are the lead factors of getting an updated GHIN handicap.  If you are making a goal to drop your GHIN Handicap you may want to first get the Index that matters!  Contact me or any of my colleagues at The Golf Performance Center or the Junior Golf Hub today to find out more.

Enjoy Your Journey!