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We at The Golf Performance Center get asked a lot, what makes a player good or great?  The simply, is it depends.  There are several factors that help makes a player great may not be what you think it is.  It is often amateur’s watch the best players on the PGA or LPGA Tour and say, wow, that’s why he or she is great.  They also notice someone makes a lot of putts, maybe they hit the ball a long way, or it’s they are a great ball striker, tour player’s never miss a shot, right?  But after studying thousands of players the glue that makes a golfer great is, Tempo!

That’s right I said rhythm!  Everyone that is great has a certain tempo and it may not be the same as someone else’s.  Each player has his or her own tempo or cadence to their swing.  Fast, Slow or somewhere in between, they will typically find what works for them.  I would suggest that you find what works for you!  Recently we have been working with some players with the technology, Blast Motion with their putting tempo.  In putting we have found that to control the golf ball well, athletes have been registering consistently between (1.9-1 or 2:0-1) backswing to forward swing ratio making it easier to have good distance and directional control.  

We have over the years tested full swing ratio and have found that in a full swing is closer to a 3:1 ratio, almost regardless of what a person’s rhythm is.  For example Jordan Spieth has a relatively slow rhythm, is backswing timing is 28 frames back and 9 frames coming into impact for 3.1-1 ratio but someone like Ricky Fowler has a quick rhythm to his swing and movements, he is 24/8 for a 3:0-1 ratio, Lexi Thompson is also 24/8 or 3:1 ration, they look different but are nearly the same when it comes to how they are able to consistently get to the golf ball which is why they are at the top level of the game.  Many amateurs are not consistent with this ratio, they are not even aware of what works for them.  Believe it or not, some play golf completely different than their normal biomechanical rhythm, usually not a good thing to do.  Most people are better when they are closer to their true self, talk fast, think fast, play fast! Or talk slow, walk slow, play slow.  Rarely doing opposite of natural tendencies is the outcome good.  Try it!

In conclusion, find your rhythm and tempo, seek out a coach to get set up with a Blast Motion or any other technology that will help measure you, work with it to improve the consistency of your movement into the golf ball,  we promise when you find your rhythm and tempo you will become a better ball striker, putter and driver of the ball and you will be a more consistent with lowering your scores!  Have a Blast!

Enjoy your Journey!

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