The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT

The Person in the Mirror

Take an honest look at yourself in the mirror. It can raise various emotions of doubt and fear, or could provide internal inspiration and motivation. No matter the revelation of taking that step of self-reflection, one thing that will remain the same is the vulnerability as it requires you to be truthful with yourself. Turn those revelations into action by being your best self minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and year by year. There will be little that you will not be able to accomplish. Your accomplishments help raise the water table for everyone around you. You can be the ignitor to many around you and in turn it will fuel you to continue growing.  
The person in the mirror knows all about themselves, you can’t hide from mistakes, victories and whether or not you are putting forth your best efforts to be your best.  If you are looking in the mirror and you are not seeing the person you want to see, ask yourself why?  Why am I not getting better?  What am I trying to accomplish?  What do I want my life to be?  Whatever the question, the only person that can answer is the person in the mirror.  
During the research done by the author Eastman for the book, Why Are The Best The Best, he discovered the word “Truth” came up hundreds of times when he asked hundreds of athletes, “what drives you to be your best?” When you are looking into the mirror, you are likely looking for the truth. To be great it takes the truth to be yourself.  Once you have decided on your quest, being great at whatever that may be only comes through with discipline and hard work.  It takes consistency of effort and consistency of the right messages to yourself; if you think you can or think you can’t, you will be right!  Feed yourself with great inputs:  self-messages, encouragement, aspirations to be great, setting great goals, dreaming big!  Be ambitious, be bold, but you better be willing to put in the work that it takes because you will need to do whatever it takes!  You will need the truth about your development and the efforts you are contributing. Your greatness comes from you! 
Ask yourself “Am I doing whatever it takes to reach my goals to get to my dream?” What is the answer?
If you have BIG goals, do you know your development pathway to reach them?  If you haven’t looked into the mirror and found the truth about your skill sets, I suggest you start with the 5 Elements of Success Evaluation and Player Development Assessment with the expert coaches at The Golf Performance Center.  Get the truth about your game, body, mind, and equipment and build a plan for your success by looking into the mirror today!
Enjoy Your Journey!