The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT

The Past Cannot Change The Future, But It Can Help!

The past cannot change what is to come, the work you do every day will be the only way to improve and prepare for the future. No matter how much we tend to look back at past mistakes or compare our efforts, it is important to understand this is only a part of what needs to happen to improve.  In life, we may beat ourselves up for past blunders, but the best way to avoid the same mistakes in the future is to work diligently on being better each day moving forward.  It is impossible to avoid all mistakes or errors but imperative for a happy and productive life to move ahead with being your best daily. In golf terms, when a round is not our best, it is important to analyze but not linger on results of past rounds, but pick out the good while understanding that you are working daily on improving weaknesses.  
We all understand the rear view mirror is unavoidable at times and also has a place in our improvement. Play or live at full tilt, don’t be afraid of mistakes, the future doesn’t know about your past.  The only way to influence your future is to work with an honest effort today!  Many of you have heard our coaches say that posture is the predictor of what happens in the swing. The simplest thing to work on is posture, but we tend to wait and work on it after we realize the bad result of the shot.  Working on posture will influence the future swing you are about to take, make sure you stay in the present to improve the future.
Influencing our future by avoiding living in the past is easy to say, but hard to do!  We are by nature, hoarders of information, good and bad.  Depending on the outcomes, we stamp our time lines based on those feelings attached to the information or results of actions.  To live greatly it is essential to know success and failure reside in the same house.  To obtain your greatness, work in the present, be so focused on the outcome that you want to have. There is no time to look backwards at the mistakes, blunders or missed shots and bad rounds. Keep moving forward, see your greatness in front of you, forecast your future by working hard today!   
So, if you say you want “it”, then you will need to step up and work for “it”!  If you think you are working hard, give another percent or two!  You are capable of doing more than you think, but you have to be willing to work harder!  Stop making excuses as to why you have not accomplished what you say you want, no one will do it for you!  The past doesn’t matter now, move forward, and be your great self that you have always envisioned!
Enjoy your Journey!