The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT


Constructing a puzzle is like learning golf. The pieces are like the golf club, it dictates the function in which it is useful.  Learning how to fit the pieces together are a matter of trial and error.  Therefore there is no right or wrong way, it is different for everyone. Hence why kids love puzzles, until parents get involved and stifle their enjoyment of learning.  Golf is like this when instructors get in the way of a golf athlete is learning to “figure” it out.  The golf instructor jumps in to tell a student that what they are doing is wrong, not based on the golfer learning how to use the golf equipment (the piece), but based on his/her idea or methodology based on their learning or observations of tour players and their discovery of how to use the equipment (piece) for their success.  

Remember your puzzle is not the same as someone else’s, you are unique, of course there will be similarities due to the fact you area human performing an act with a tool that is by and large the same as everyone else’s tool.  As like any other puzzle you have figured out, it takes time, but the enjoyment is in the struggle of putting the pieces together.  Allow the pieces to dictate where they go, you don’t have to force it to match another puzzle, your function will dictate form.  If you are looking to be better, to have a more efficient golf swing, then first look at the pieces of the puzzle you have, do you have the functionality to move the way you would like to, to hit the ball the most efficient way for you?  If you are not sure, take the time to learn about our Player Development Assessment.  Assess your skills, your game and I promise you, your puzzle will come together quicker than you can dream of!

Enjoy your Journey!