The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT


This week I will like to talk about coaching and the importance of stick-to-itiveness.  Yes, I know it is not a word but it just works for the point of this article.  We have all been in situations that whatever it is we are doing just doesn’t seem to work but then suddenly, BAM! It works!  Like when we get stuck on a math problem in school, we struggle to find the answer, after what seems like months (30 min), we begin to realize how to get to the answer.  Golf can feel this way too.  We find ourselves struggling while working on our swing, course strategies, emotional management or scoring ever the while getting more frustrated with the outcomes. “Suddenly” finding something that seems to work or at least for the moment.  This is the craziest thing about golf, there are so many ways to figure out how to get it done but because it is easier for the moment, does it mean it’s right?  
Why aren’t you sticking to your developmental plan that has been outlined for you by your coaches?    We understand it can be frustrating, hard and seem like improvement is not happening, but that is the beauty of stick-to-itiveness. If you stick to your process and not focus on the outcomes, the outcome takes care of itself.  Can you imagine the music scene if the Beatles didn’t have a sstick-to-itiveness attitude and didn’t stick to their process of enjoying practicing their music at the local clubs, even when many talent agents told them they didn’t have a good sound and would not make it.  Paul McCarthy has been quoted saying “they didn’t even like their own music at times, but they believed in the process of making great music they stuck with a sound they like.”  Being great takes time, be patient and follow a well-designed process or plan for your success.
My point is, if you have or do come to The GPC and our coaches prescribed a plan to follow based on personal goals or dreams; be patient, follow the process, and you will see your success grow.   Players that have stick-to-itiveness have improved to reach their goals, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy or was easy, but they trusted the process.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going on sticking to the process and gaining results.  Yes, it will be hard but to reach the goals and dreams that you have set for yourself are hard and will be nearly impossible if you take the approach to go the easy route.   Apply your stick-to-itiveness attitude and you will reach your goals. “Let it Be” by the Beatles is one of the most listened to songs in the last 50 years, which would not have happened if the Beatles didn’t have stick-to-itiveness. Develop your greatness!
Enjoy Your Journey!