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Perception is not Reality!

British Open week is personally my favorite tournament of the year.  Waking up early to watch the telecast, the changing conditions, players having to change how they approach shots into the greens due to the varied conditions, terrain, and weather is what I love. For some strange reason I love how the European players play under Open conditions. It is also great to see American players try to change their games to suit the conditions.  Hopefully you get a chance to watch the Open this weekend, notice how players play shots, it isn’t always the prettiest shot, the game is played more along the ground due to windy conditions and green complexes are much less accessible to the air strike like here on US courses.  I know we tend to have the perception every shot comes in high and soft, spins back and comes to a stop just a few feet from the hole, but take notice of the varied approach shots.  Enjoy watching the best players in the world hit perfect shot after perfect shot (or is that just our perception)!

We mere mortals of golf perceive that the great players on the PGA and LPGA tour player never miss a shot, especially from the middle of the fairway, or they never three putt from 25 feet.  Wrong and wrong!  The reality is all golfers, even the greats, miss shots.  They also hit some ordinary shots just like the rest of us.  Our perception at times has it that tour players only hit great shots and every shot to the green is within 5 feet of the hole and all drives are bombed 320 yards down the center of the fairway. Not only do they miss shots but they occasionally hit it out of bounds, just like you and I! 

Enjoy the game, stop striving for perfection on every shot, let yourself be ok with making ordinary shots, on the rare occasion you hit the perfect shot don’t let that be your standard.  By the way, it is great to hit the perfect shot, but have the mindset that you will intend to be your best on every shot. Give your full attention to preparation for every shot or round and beyond that, you must let go of expectations.  Even Stephen Jaeger who shot “58” best round ever recorded on PGA Tour or Korn Ferry Tour said that even some of his good shots got good breaks and his bad shots bounced his way also and by the way, he had a three putt par on a par 5!!  He said in an interview that he stayed focused on the process but couldn’t help but think about the score, however he knew that if he just managed his game he could finish well.  In a nutshell, even when things are perfect like a 58, things are not always perfect!

Know your abilities, believe in your abilities, and enjoy the process of being your best!

Enjoy Your Journey!