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OKR’s For Golf!

OKR’s were made famous by Intel, Google, Apple and thousands of other companies and individual businesses to help them reach their highest potential.   What is an OKR?  It stands for Objectives and Key Results.  Like anyone or any business, it all starts with a vision or dream, goal setting, and objectives that enable you to reach goal/s by setting measurable key metrics to keep on track.  It may sound complicated, but it really is simple.  Dream, Goals, Measurable action, repeat. How does this relate to golf you ask?
As a golfer your dream or vision to Win the US Open or to be best player in the World is an objective. Just saying that out loud can be very daunting, unless you break it down into smaller more manageable pieces.  Becoming the best player in the world requires a enormous amount of time!  FYI, it is a good idea to keep as few objectives as possible to give yourself best chance to succeed. Best way to do this is start with simple goal setting.  What will it take to make your dream come true?
Objective #1, make time to practice and play:
Key Results (KR) #1, to practice with intent for 15 hours per week and play 18 holes 5 times, both easy to measure
Objective #2, build skill sets to highest quality possible:
KR #2, practice golf hard and soft skills with challenges to give feedback by utilizing technologies such as K-vest, Trackman, SamPutt and Sam Balance lab as well as skill challenges that measure acquisition of skills, like GPC PDI testing!
Objective #3, win events that you play in:
KR #3 play in competition to Win!  Some concern themselves with “certain” events as not to drop in Rankings or bruise ego, don’t worry about where you play, play to win as many events as you can.  Every event is a practice leading to the next opportunity not a failure doomed for disaster!  Learn from each competition!
Goal #4, Have fun:
KR #4, Have fun, smile while you practice, make sure this is YOUR dream to succeed, placed on you by you!  Enjoy the process of preparation and enjoy the comradery of competition. There will be epic fails but, enjoy the failures as moments not your destiny!  Reminder, the only way that you fail, is by giving up or quitting.
So, when you are wondering how you will reach your golfing goals or dreams, set up your OKR’s. Make manageable smaller and stretch goals, have fun, measure your progress with our Player Development System and Player Development Index.  The better your skills, more prepared and educated you are with a plan to reach your dreams/goals, the more fun you will have!
Feel free to email me, stop by or call about setting up time to create your OKR’s for golf!!
Enjoy Your Journey!